The SMS gateway is the platform that can send SMS without using mobile phones. SMS is usually converted into an email or HTTP request. SMS gateway lets brands apply mobile marketing. 

All of the brands convey important messages to their clients. However, the speed with which information is transmitted can make all the difference. Your brand can use SMSC Gateway and share messages quickly.

Further, SMS is one of the most effective brand communication channels. Emails and advertisements suffer from spam, competition, and ad-blocking, whereas SMS is delivered directly to users’ inboxes. However, you, as an SMS aggregator, may face specific issues.

“One of the significant advantages of SMS gateway is saving time and sharing messages to clients fast. Nevertheless, one of the SMS aggregators, who later partnered with us, came up with the issue of not getting support on time from the SMS gateway provider.” Said the client relationship manager from TeleOSS. 

“Although we were shocked in the beginning, we provided necessary support and solutions.” He added. 

Clients having issues getting support on time, we started designing several solutions. We began monitoring the traffic dashboard with summarized traffic statistics and rolling out regular SMS and email communication updates. We also created a user dashboard with automatic usage and recharged notifications for some clients. 

Another bunch of SMS aggregators came up with the reporting issue. They required a proper reporting module for business statistics and status. 

We shared two main solutions, and clients went contented. First, we created regular reporting with problem identifications and status of our clients’ customers. Second, we started specific reporting of top 10 users of our client for today, for the last 7 days, till last month to pin down the business reach. 

One last major issue SMS aggregators face is billing reports. They usually do not have time to maintain billing reports in excel. Therefore, we built an enterprising messaging system that sends reminders for balance status and expiry. 

TeleOSS has seen many issues faced by SMS aggregators. We have always thought of customer satisfaction and provided customized solutions to resolve their troubles. 

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