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Article bee - promote your article on multiple websites, get backlinks
Advertising your product, service or website at a low cost, free trial offer
Though there are a large number of article directories online, submitting to these article directories can be an extremely time consuming process and there is no guarantee that the article will be approved and published.Also there are many restrictions on the number of links that can be included in the article and the article directory may go offline at any time because maintaining a website with a huge database can be extremely difficult
While webdesigners may create a well designed website, if the website is not listed in search engines, the website owner may lose a large number of visitors, customers and leads. Hence it is recommended that the webmaster spend some time or money to get backlinks to his website. Increasingly it has been observed that Google does not index a newly registered domain name unless it has backlinks from existing websites. Link exchanges are time consuming and often do not work. Hence it is advisable to spend a small amount to get backlinks to your website, in addition to domain registration and renewal fees.
Backlinks are offered on a number of websites and blogs registered with different domain registrars, with different hosting companies in different countries, continent, different addresses, variation in whois data, and a variety of niches
5 blog/website $3
10 blog/website $5.5
20 blog/website $9.9
30 blog/website $14.7
50 blog/website $24.5
More blogs and websites will be added to the network in future
Each article can include upto three links and html code of the article will have to be provided. A report with the list of the websites/blogs where the article will be posted will be provided. A guarantee of atleast 1 year will be provided, though for many websites, the ad link has remained for more than 5 years now. Currently working with foreign ad networks for the last 5 years and proof of payment can be provided to interested customers.

Paypal, Skrill, Cheque, NEFT, Webmoney, payment will be accepted in USD and Indian rupees. Free trial can be provided to advertisers, link building and seo companies. For more details send an email to
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